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The Full Story

Healing on Manes has been an incredible journey for me, personally and professionally. What started as an idea at the lowest point in my life has turned into my passion and purpose. When I started Healing on Manes, I didn't know where to begin. I had never founded a business, let alone a nonprofit. I had only ever been able to work with horses in the capacity of mucking stalls... Everything changed the day I met Jen and Scotty at Wind Hill Farm. I founded Healing on Manes with the dream of helping children and I have found so much more than that. While working with Scotty, I have found myself. 

Throughout the last 3 years of Healing on Manes, I have worked with approximately 40 children. After this year, that number will reach closer to 60 and will include adults and a family. I have nearly completed my advanced certification through Natural Lifemanship, which will make Healing on Manes one of, if not the first Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Services program in New Hampshire and the surrounding states. I have found that through this practice of learning how to more effectively communicate with horses and understand their trauma, I have grasped a deeper understanding of what my own trauma has been. I have even started to, dare I say, heal. I have formed lifelong relationships with equine professionals, local businesses, and clients. 

While all of this success has been overwhelming in the best way possible, I have worked full time hours with Healing on Manes without any compensation. We have been able to pay for Scotty's lease through our fundraising, but as the executive director, I have never taken a salary. You have all seen the work I do with clients, but behind the scenes, I run our board meetings, manage our finances (with help from our treasurer), attend networking events, design and run our fundraising events, manage our social media (with help from our social media volunteer), rehabilitate Scotty, update all of our yearly filing paperwork, connect with similar programs and equine professionals, design our program, create resources, and am constantly emailing clients and businesses for either session information or possible sponsorships and donations. I have managed to do this while working a full time job and two part time jobs, while attending Southern NH University for my Bachelor's Degree in Human Services. It has been amazing... and exhausting. 

As I start my Master's in Social Work degree this fall, I have decided that I cannot possibly spread myself any thinner. MSW programs require 12-16 hours of clinical weekly on top of the classwork, and to maintain my grades, I had to decide what in my schedule could give. Unfortunately, because I am not compensated through Healing on Manes, I have to keep my paying jobs to be able to continue my education and, let's face it, pay bills that seem to be increasing each year. 

There is an upside to this though- a huge upside. It is the reason I am doing this and making this sacrifice. Though for the next two years I may be unable to see clients regularly, when I finish my Master's in Social Work and get supervision and licensure in New Hampshire, I will be able to offer Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This will elevate our programming to be able to offer comprehensive counseling services, diagnosing, and working with insurances. It's a long process and I have so much to learn about how to expand the business in that way, but this possibility means being able to take a salary for the work I am doing, which would allow me to devote all of my time to Healing on Manes. 

This isn't goodbye- not in the least. As I navigate school, I hope to be able to offer natural horsemanship clinics, focusing on connection, communication, and relationships with equines and their human partners. I also hope to occasionally offer group sessions to children, families, veterans, or first responders utilizing TI-EAL. We will still host fundraisers occasionally to prepare us for the coming years- horse expenses, program expenses, scholarships, and more. 

I hope that our communities will understand my decision and that the future of our organization will continue to grow brighter. This is a new beginning and I can't wait to see what's in store for me next. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your support over the last 3 years and for helping us grow and prosper. I will continue to keep everyone informed of what life's plan brings to our organization and when I will be ready to accept clients once again. For now, Scotty and I will continue to see as many clients as possible and also enhance our relationship while we heal each other's trauma. 

"Sit with animals quietly and they will show you their hearts. Sit with them kindly

and they will help you locate yours" -Ramblings of the Claury



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