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Equine Partner

Scotty is a quarter horse who was rescued in Nov. 2020. Scotty has navicular, a type of lameness. His previous job was as a lesson horse, but due to his navicular, Scotty couldn't give as many lessons. Now, Scotty enjoys life being ridden bareback and loving on all the kiddos we work with! His favorite snacks are carrots and green apples!! He loves hugs and kisses and to have his hair braided. He is ready to help everyone!


Heather Luby

Chief Executive Director

Since I was a child, I have always had dreams of helping people. After going through my own struggles with depression and anxiety, I have realized the lack of support in this area, specifically for children. I want to be able to provide a safe space for children to heal and build confidence. Every child deserves a chance to heal traumas and build relationships. We welcome every child into our "home" at the barn!

I work full time as a Nanny as well as part time as a firefighter and advanced EMT. I also am in the process of obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Human Services with a concentration in child and family services, and becoming a practitioner in Natural Lifemanship's Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Services. I am currently certified to Level 2 of Natural Lifemanship. I work with Scotty on natural horsemanship skills and have started practicing liberty work. All of our combined training and education, as well as personal life experiences,  make for a great team. 

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