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Equine Partner

Meet Scotty, our beloved quarter horse with a heart of gold! Scotty's inspiring journey began in November 2020 when he found his forever home at Wind Hill Farm. This remarkable equine companion has navigated the challenges of navicular, a type of lameness, with grace and resilience. In his former role as a lesson horse, Scotty brought joy to many, but his condition limited his ability to give as many lessons.

Today, Scotty has found a new lease on life, delighting in connection and liberty work and showering affection on all the wonderful kiddos he interacts with. He's a connoisseur of treats, with a particular fondness for carrots and green apples. But what truly warms his heart are hugs, kisses, and having his hair lovingly braided. Scotty is not just a horse; he's a symbol of unwavering determination and the embodiment of unconditional love. With open arms and a gentle spirit, he's ready to share his healing magic with everyone he meets.


Heather Luby

Founder/Chief Executive Director 

From an early age, my deepest aspirations have revolved around helping others. My personal journey through the challenges of depression and anxiety unveiled a critical need for support, especially for children grappling with similar struggles. My vision is to provide a nurturing haven where everyone can heal and cultivate confidence, where every soul is welcomed into our equine-assisted "home" at the barn.

In addition to my role as a dedicated Nanny, I serve as a part-time firefighter and advanced EMT. Alongside these roles, I am diligently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Human Services, focusing on child and family services, and advancing my expertise in Natural Lifemanship's Trauma-Informed Equine Assisted Services. I have achieved certification up to Level 2 in Natural Lifemanship and am deeply engaged in honing my natural horsemanship skills, including liberty work, with Scotty, our equine partner.

The synergy of my extensive training, education, and life experiences collectively contributes to a dynamic and empathetic team dedicated to fostering healing, growth, and transformation.

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