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Healing on Manes is a wonderful non-profit organization. We are so fortunate in this community to have someone like Heather Luby to devote time and energy to help children with trauma thru equine assisted learning. Heather is friendly, energetic, patient and compassionate. Her and her sweet Scotty made my daughter feel special and helped her increase her self-confidence. -N. Snyder

Healing on Manes has been amazing for my son. Working with Heather and Scotty has brought him so much joy, and helped improve some of his social skills. Heather’s patience and communication helped my son come out of his shell quickly. He learned so much, and now loves horses. I’m very thankful!

Jackie Savastano

I would highly recommend Healing on Manes. My daughter was looking for an outlet to manage her anxiety. Scotty is a gentle giant and helped her develop her love of horses. In my daughter's own words the experience "helped her escape from the world for a little bit". She has continued to work with horses and is becoming an accomplished rider. Heather is a gentle teacher with a great sense of humor. Her dedication to the program and her students really makes the experience enjoyable.

HeatherAnn Rachel

Heather was a very attentive counselor for my 10 year old granddaughter.
She asked questions, but gave her a lot of time to answer and give her own opinions. And our ten year old girl does have lots of opinions! She loved taking care of Scotty, listened carefully on how to stay safe around this very big animal, and was anxious for her appointment each week. This was a very positive experience for her, and helped her have some special one on one time with Scotty and Heather. Thank you Heather, we look forward to any fundraising that may be coming up. You need to continue your special work! -K. Mountain

Heather was AMAZING with my 3 year old daughter, Marlo. Scotty is such an awesome and patient horse; she loves him SO much! Heather was even so thoughtful to go out of her way and ask Whiskey’s owner if we could “borrow” Whiskey for Marlo’s final session with Scotty. I mean, how sweet was that?!? We will definitely be paying a visit to Scotty and Heather again! Heather was so warm and inviting and made my daughter feel so comfortable and right at home with a 1K pound horse and she has never been around horses before! Thank you for an amazing experience! Highly highly recommend to anyone looking to give their kids a life-changing experience! -A. Berthiaume

Heather voluntarily met with multiple kids from my group foster home each week. She was extremely reliable, & did everything from the kindness of her heart (not for money). One of the kids was more difficult to work with & didn’t always want to be there but she was extremely patient with him. Our other kid absolutely loved the program & thrived. Thank you so much heather!
-Spaulding Services

Several of our students at Spaulding Academy and Family Services attended Healing on Manes and were very happy with their experiences. Heather and Scotty are thoughtful, committed and kind. Our kids loved working with Scotty so much that we actually took part in two six week courses. With Scotty's help, the kids gained confidence and built self-esteem Thank you Scotty and Heather!
-Spaulding Services

Healing on Manes has been a wonderful experience for my 7-year-old daughter. She absolutely loves to 'hang out' with Scotty, one of the horses. She enjoys caring for him, feeding and brushing him (and yes even scraping his muddy hooves too!). She built a connection over the last couple months that helped her be able to talk about her feelings.
Heather is a wonderful mentor/counselor. She was flexible and understanding. Every session there was 100% focus on my daughter and built a relationship that she (my daughter) holds dearly. Heather listened to her every word and helped her think and talk about her feelings.
I am immensely grateful for Heather and everything she has done for my daughter. It's made a positive difference to this family which means the world to me.  -B. Harris

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